CJSC “Shoe firm “Tigina” is a major manufacturer specializing in the production of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes. A main production method is direct injection of polyurethane which is known to be the most durable joint between sole and upper. The technology and production process are organized with assistance, partnership and license of German company Riсhard Brill. On the production site, Tigina uses 3 Desma injection-moulding machines:


  1. 24 PU
  2. 12 PU
  3. 24 PU+PU (bicolor)


    Main production site – injection-moulding machines – is completely automated and equipped with advanced software and robots. The firm is also fitted out with the equipment of famous German companies such as Shön, Pfaff, Fortuna.

    Annual capacity is 600,000 pairs.