Direct injection

     Direct injection – nowadays, it’s the most durable, widely-used and advanced joint between sole and upper. Polyurethane sole is light and very flexible as well as has a high wear resistance.

 Main advantages:

- high durability;   - water resistance;

- lightness and flexibility;  - wear resistance.




    «Waterproof» (bi-component membrane) – a high-technology microporous material having the following characteristics:

1. Prevents water penetration, thus providing water impermeability.

2. Perfect vapor permeability, highly breathable.

3. Comfort and protection against adverse weather.

4. Good combination of warmth, dry feet and comfort according to advanced technologies!

Tigina has been using such a technology for over 17 years and produced more than 2.5 million pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear for such famous companies as “Geox”, “Romika”, “Rohde”. Such great work experience in “Waterproof” technology and necessary equipment allow us to render highly qualified footwear production services to European companies.


Foil insole

    Foil insole – it’s made of 2 layers of nonwoven fabric between which there is a layer of aluminum foil. This type of insole keeps your feet warm, allows air circulation, provides perfect comfort for feet in cold conditions, has an anti-slide coating which helps fix the insole inside your shoe.




Removable insole